Rust Preventive Compounds

Rust Preventive Compounds

PYROCHEM has been a leader in developing & marketing  advanced rust preventatives utilizing the best technology available today. Complete range of oil based, solvent based & water based rust preventatives is available in our product portfolio.

Rust Preventatives – Oil based

PYROGUARD 40 Longlife Rust preventive, Oil Based
PYROGUARD 48 Medium Life Rust Preventive, Oil Based                                          
PYROGUARD 52 Medium Life Rust Preventive, thick Oil Based
PYROGUARD 44 Short Life Rust Preventive, Oil  Based                                               

Rust Preventatives – Solvent based

PYROGUARD40-N Long Life Rust Preventive, Solvent Based
PYROGUARD 48-N Medium Life Rust Preventive, Solvent Based

Rust Preventatives – Water based

PYROGUARD EM-786 Emulsifiable water soluble rust preventative for excellent salt spray and humidity protection.
PYROGUARD 1600 Water soluble rust preventative for general purpose medium life rust protection   


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