Cleaning Compounds

cleaning Compounds

For removal of oil, dirt, rust, scale & other foreign compounds from metal surfaces PYROCHEM  manufactures a full line of metal cleaners. These products include alkaline, neutral & acidic metal cleaners for both Metal Surface Treatment lines & Metalworking luid Machines.

Degreasing Chemicals – Dipping Application

PYROCLEAN 101 Alkaline Degreaser, Powder, Ferrous Metals, Dipping
PYROCLEAN 107 Alkaline Degreaser, Powder, Ferrous Metals, Dipping
PYROCLEAN 105 Degreaser, Powder, Multimetal, Dipping
PYROCLEAN 151 Alkaline Degreaser, Liquid, Ferrous Metals, Dipping
PYROCLEAN 113 Degreaser, Liquid, Multimetal, Dipping
PYROCLEAN 113-N Degreaser, Liquid, Aluminium, Dipping

Degreasing Chemicals – Spray Application

PYROCLEAN 108 Alkaline Degreaser, Powder, Ferrous Metals, Spray
PYROCLEAN 104 Alkaline Degreaser/Rust Inhibitor, Powder, Multimetal, Spray, Dipping
PYROCLEAN 432 Alkaline Degreaser, Liquid, Ferrous Metals, Spray

Derusting Chemicals

OXYCLEAN 308 Deruster/ Oxide Remover Ferrous, Aluminum Metals for Phosphating Line
OXYCLEAN 304 Deruster/ Oxide Remover Ferrous, Metals
OXYCLEAN 310 Deruster/ Cleaner/Oxide Remover Ferrous, Aluminum Metals

Metalworking Machine Cleaners

PYROCLEAN 432 Strong alkaline cleaner and disinfectant designed to clean dirty, oily and smelly machines.
PYROCLEAN 430 General purpose, neutral cleaning detergent for hand wipe cleaning of machines & floors
PYROCLEAN 435 Emulsifiable cleaner designed to clean heavily oiled and dirty machines and shop floors.


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