Cutting Oils

Cutting Oils

We manufacture a range of cutting oils based on the technology prevailing today. The range includes, soluble, synthetic, semi synthetic and neat oils, These cutting oils produce exceptional stability, tool  life, microbial resistance and operating capabilities under harsh and demanding conditions.

Cutting Oils – Soluble

PYROCUT 6122 Heavy Duty Cutting Oil, Soluble
PYROCUT 355 Medium Duty Cutting Oil, Soluble
PYROCUT 350-AL Aluminum Cutting Oil, Soluble
PYROCUT 350 General Purpose Cutting Oil, Soluble

Cutting Oils – Semisythetic

PYROCUT 440 Medium Duty Cutting Oil , Semisynthetic
PYROCUT 460 Aluminum Cutting Oil, Semisynthetic
PYROCUT 410 General Purpose Cutting Oil, Semisynthetic                                

Cutting Oils – Synthetic

PYROCUT 260 Heavy Duty Cutting Oil Ferrous Metals, Synthetic
PYROCUT 262 Medium Duty Cutting Oil Multimetal, Synthetic

Cutting Oils – Neat

PYROCUT 517 Heavy Duty Cutting Oil Ferrous Metals, Neat
PYROCUT 515 Medium  Duty Cutting Oil Multimetal, Neat
PYROCUT 514 Aluminum Cutting Oil, Neat


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