Gear Oils

Gear oils

We manufacture different viscosity grades of gear oils under the brand name of PYROLUBE EP OILS. These premium quality industrial gear oils contain high quality mineral oils and extreme pressure (EP) sulfur phosphorus additives. These gear oils are intended for use in the industrial gear systems of the spur, helical and spiral bevel types. These industrial gear oils have high load carrying characteristics for protection against scuffing and wear.

Following are the different viscosity grades of our PYROLUBE EP OILS.

Typical Data

PYROLUBE EP OILS68100150220320460680
Density @ 15 ᴼC.
Viscosity cSt 40 ᴼC68100150220320460680
Viscosity cSt 100 ᴼC
Viscosity Index95959595959595
Flash Point (COS) ᴼC190195200210230235245
Pour Point ᴼC-6-4-4-4-3-3-3

These characteristics are typical values, minor variations in these characteristics may occur which do not affect the overall performance of products


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