Ancillary Products

Ancillary Products

Ancillary products are sometimes required to optimize the performance of basic compounds PYROCHEM manufactures complete line of required ancillary products for its Metalworking Fluids & Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals.

PYROTREAT 10                                Sealing / Passivation Compound after Phosphating 

PYROTREAT 14                                Neutralizer rinse after Derusting

PYROTREAT 16                                  Neutralizer / Rust Inhibitor rinse after Derusting

PYROTREAT 103                                 Cleaning Accelerator / Degreaser, Dipping, Hand Wiping

PYROTREAT CP-22                         Tarnish Inhibitor additive designed to control staining on copper alloys

PYROTREAT MW-19                        Disinfectant / Machine Cleaner

PYROTREAT AF-11                            Antifoam designed to control excessive foaming in metalworking fluids

PYORTREAT BC-12                           Biocide to control growth of microorganisms in metalworking fluids

PYROTREAT RP-61                            Rust Inhibitor additive to control rusting of ferrous parts

PYROTREAT PH-24                          pH adjuster of metalworking fluids

PYROTREAT H-40                                Corrosion inhibitor & wettting agent for acidic cleaning solutions

PYROTREAT SN-410                            Water softening agent to prevent deposits of hard water salts.

CR-30                                                  Phosphate coating accelerator

SHEEN                                                  General Purpose Floor/Hard Surface Cleaner, Dipping, Hand Wiping

De-ionized Water                           RO water to enhance working life of metalworking emulsions


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